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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Web Browsers are supported

To best view our site you should use Internet Explorer version 8.0 +, Firefox 27+ or Chrome. More recent versions of these browsers will enhance your visit . Problems in viewing websites might be corrected by upgrading your browser if it’s an older version.

You may download  Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 

You may download Firefox

Exactly what is a browser?
A web browser is a program that is used to view web sites. The  more popular browsers are Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Other browsers are available as well.

What screen resolution is needed to best view you site.?
For best viewing your screen resolution should be set at a minimum of 1024 x 768 pixels.

I receive a “Script Error” message, stating: “Do you wish to debug?”
Click “No” to continue viewing the page. To prevent this error in the future:

  1. Clicking the Tools menu in Internet Explorer
  2. Clicking Internet Options
  3. Clicking the advanced tab
  4. Clicking a checkmark in “Disable Script Debugging”
  5. Clicking OK on the bottom of the menu box.
Sometimes I receive a “This page cannot be displayed” error.
This error  occurs generally when :
You are not connected to the Internet or a misspelled site name has been entered.Your company may also have a firewall installed that restricts access to external sites. 

Please contact the help desk  if you believe this to be the case